How to Draw Mega Blastoise


Begin with some circles which will create the foundation or frame for Mega Blastoise. Start with the large torso or body shape, then draw the head and arm stubs.


You will now sketch out the shape of the head along with the pointed brows and then the mouth. Make sure to draw Mega Blastoise's face like you see it here.


Draw the chin and jawline like so, then draw in the eyes, detailing between the brows, and then add the detailing inside the ear. Don't forget to add the nostrils.


Next we will draw the shape of the shell like so, then begin drawing the arms and small hands. The small gun barrels on the arms should also be drawn in as well as the three fingers.


Add some patches on the forearms, then color in the barrels.


Now you will draw the large turtle shell on the back, and make sure the edge of the shell is thick and strong looking because it has to support the cannon like barrel.


Add the bracket to the gun blaster like so, and also sketch in any detailing that needs to be added.


For the last drawing step add the shapes of each stubby leg, then draw in the three toed feet. You will add the vertical stripes on the belly of the shell, then erase your mistakes.


Here is how Mega Blastoise looks when you are finished. Now you can go ahead and color him in.

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September 6, 2013

Description: I have more mega versions of your favorite Pokemon characters coming your way and I will start with "how to draw Mega Blastoise", step by step. As you can see this mega version of Blastoise is super, super cool. He has this huge gun barrel on the top of his shell along with two other gun like barrels on each arm. Mega Blastoise is one of the cooler Mega Pokemon that have been created thus far so I'm sure when it comes time for you guys to tackle the task of drawing Mega Blastoise, you will without a doubt have an exciting experience. I tried to lay out the steps as simple as possible so everyone can give this tut a go. I have more mega Pokemon coming your way today so stay tuned in.

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