How to Draw Mad Moxxi From Borderlands 2


Start by making a couple shapes, one for the head and another for the body or torso. Sketch in the facial guidelines then move on to step two.


Define the shape or structure of Mad Moxxi's face like so, then draw her parted bang.


All you will need to do in this step is draw the top hat, and then add the card that will be in the band around the base of the hat.


Like I said, draw the band around the base of the hat like so, then detail the card. Add the well to the top of the hat.


Up next, draw the shape of the neck, then draw in the exposed part of her chest. To finish this step off just draw the collar line for the top of her vest.


Finish sketching out her hair which is short and way above the shoulder line. Detail the hair with strand definition, then you can move to step seven.


Let's work on the mime style face. Draw the arched eyebrow, then draw in the eyes. The lids should be dark, thick and bold. Sketch in her nose, and mouth then add the mole above her lip.


Add some detailing to her torso like the cloth choker around her neck, and then sketch in the cleavage and heart tattoo on her breast. When that is done you can draw the large flaps from her vest or top, then proceed to step nine.


Sketch out the shape of Mad Moxxi's body which is curvy and in a sexy pose. Draw the lining to create her breasts, then draw the hips.


Here is where you will draw the arm which is covered with a sleeve and glove.


Draw in the other arm followed by her hand. Her hand is covered with a leather glove that covers almost her whole forearm. Add detailing to the fold of her arm, then proceed to step twelve.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the detailing to Mad Moxxi's clothing. This includes the buttons, belt, and ruffles. Erase your mistakes and guides as well.


Here is the line art once you are finished with draw Mad Moxxi. Color her in and you are all set.

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June 18, 2014

Description: So here is a cool looking female character from the video game Borderlands 2. Up next we will tackle the fun task of learning "how to draw Mad Moxxi", step by step. She is a women who looks like a firecracker dressed in those clothes. Her face is painted like a mime or clown, and she has a heart tattoo right on her right, or left breast. Mad Moxxi is the owner of 'The Underdome' almost like Tina Turner was owner of 'Thunderdome' in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I'm pretty sure Mad Moxxi's character design is supposed to be in combination with that of Tina Turner's character and Mad Max hence the name Mad Moxxi. Drawing this figure out should be simple enough, but you may have some bumps in the road if you are a novice artist. I will return with other fun stuff for you all so stay tuned in.

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