How to Draw a Psycho From Borderlands


Tackle the first step by drawing the head and torso guide then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the arm guides.


Next, define the shape of face like so, and add a trim like overlaying line above the forehead.


Next, from the back part of the mask sketch out the back of the head, then draw in the strap from the mask as well as the ear.


Psycho's have these creepy faces, so what you will do now is draw in the eyes, markings around the eyes which scatter away from the eye shapes, then draw the circle for a mouth which is then filled with detailing lines. Add the remaining definition t   


We will bring our attention to the shoulders and some of the upper arm. Sketch in the muscle definition on the shoulders, then move along people.


Sketch out the shapes of each arm completely, then draw in the bandage wraps around the forearms. Add detailing to the arms, then sketch in the bone definition around the neck.


Lastly, sketch out the torso as well as some of the hip area. You will draw in the skinny chest, then the stomach definition as well as the rest of the body's detailing. When you are done you can begin to erase your mistakes.


And here is a Psycho from Borderlands. Now you can color in this character to your liking.

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August 18, 2013

Description: For you gamers out there that play the video game 'Borderlands this lesson is for you. I received more than a few requests for this character from the game. To fill requests I will show you "how to draw a Psycho from Borderlands", step by step. These figures are what you call bandits who have transformed in appearance and have a deep obsession for the Vault. I don't play Borderlands at all, but my brother who is a gamer filled me in on some basic facts for these characters that you have to fight throughout the game play. Drawing a Psycho is going to be challenging for those of you that are novice artists, but if you keep on pushing I know you can be successful with making your own Psycho. I don't know what to say about this character because he is only a being that gets in your way when you are at play. Have fun with recreating one of Borderlands characters folks and I will be back with another tut. Peace out and enjoy.

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