How to Draw Zer0 From Borderlands


Begin the first step by sketching out the guides that will form the oblong shaped head, then draw the small torso. Sketch out the arm and hand guides, then draw in the small dash line for the sword.


Next, since the head or face for Zer0 looks like a stone, you will need to define the shape of the face and or head, then sketch in all the scuffs on the surface.


Next, we will start with drawing the body beginning with the shoulders, then the right or left arm armor. The armor on the shoulder is layered.


You will now draw the left side of the body which is the other shoulder and arm, when that is done you can add the flap for the glove, and then draw the trimming for the suit.


Sketch in all of the detailing to the torso and arms like so, this detailing will add texture to the clothing and arms.


Next, draw the hand which is shielded by a hand guard, then sketch in the long, straight sword shape. To make the sword look extremely sharp, add the detailing to the blade. Add more scuffs to the glove and or hand, then proceed to step seven.


Finish things up by drawing the wrist and forearm, then erase the mistakes and guides that was made throughout the lessons steps.


When all is said and done your drawing should look like the image you see here. Now now is the time to color in the drawing so you can show off your works.

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November 6, 2013

Description: How many of you play, or have played the video game Borderlands? Well, there must be a lot because I have gotten so many requests for two characters from the game series and that includes the one you will receive a lesson on now. Here is "how to draw Zer0 from Borderlands", step by step. This is probably one of the coolest looking characters from a video game series I have seen thus far. In Borderlands he is actually a playable Assassin class character with a stone line helmet and a very sharp sword. His body is very lean or slender and is very skilled with his sword. I have not played the game personally, but my fourteen year old brother has played Borderlands 2 and he said that Zer0 is awesome. I do hope that this tut pleases many of you gamers out there. I shall return with the second Borderlands character in a bit.

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