How to Draw Maya From Borderlands


Up first, begin by making the head and torso guide to create the framing for your character. This step should also include the arm guide, gun outline and the facial guidelines.


Using the facial guide you just made, sketch in the structure of Maya's face. Draw the hair line which is a short style but long parted bangs. Add some detailing to the ends, then proceed to step three.


Next up, sketch in the semi thick eyebrows and make sure when you draw them in they are slated upwards at the ends. Sketch in the shapes of the eyes, and make the lids thick and full of lashes. To finish the face you will need to draw in the nose, mo   


Add detailing to her hair for added structure and then draw and color in the eyebrows. The detailing to the hair will add texture.


Draw the shape of Maya's neck, then draw the shoulders, torso, and some of the arms. Sketch in the shape of her breasts, and then add muscle definition and tone to her arms. Make sure to draw in the shirt line to create the collar.


Define the shape of her other breast, then draw in the straps for the top. I think Maya wears a leather style sleeveless shirt. Sketch in the detailing to the short across the breast to make that "stretch" look. Also draw in the cleavage too.


In this step all you will have to do is draw the arm that is holding the gun. The arm is slender and the hand is only half drawn at this point. add detailing to her arm or sleeve as well.


Next up, you will draw out the massive looking hand gun that Maya is holding up in the air. Draw the laser under the front part of the gun, then draw in the rest of the fingers.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is sketch in all of the detailing to the handgun. She has a camo style colored gun so make sure to add the definition properly. Lastly, draw the netting for the arm sleeve, then draw the detailing on her g   


When you are all done all you have to do is color everything in. Now you can go on your way to tackling another lesson. I hope you enjoyed drawing Maya from Borderlands.

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November 6, 2013

Description: Okay guys, this is the second character from Borderlands 2 that I will upload like I promised. Up next, we will learn "how to draw Maya from Borderlands 2", step by step. One of the things I like about this character design is the tattoos, hairstyle and color, and her bad-ass attitude and personality. I didn't wan this drawing lesson to take you too long to tackle because I know there is a lot of Borderlands fans out there that would appreciate a tutorial that was easy enough for all to tackle. Maya may be a siren, but while she looks like a human she does a great job at being cool. Have fun drawing Maya and I will return in a bit so keep a look out.

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