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How to Draw Kawaii

Artist: Dawn / March 19, 2012
How to Draw Kawaii

Step 1.

*Here is the very same example tip step of the many faces of kawaii. I didn't include the single dot eyes without the glare effects. If you want the dot style eyes, all you have to do is color in a circle.

Step 2.

I decided to include two kawaii objects instead of one. So lets start with the strawberry from the tart that I will show you how to draw in another tutorial.

Step 3.

Next, draw and color in the seeds on the strawberry like so.

Step 4.

The tart has frosting on it so you will draw the top of the tart, as well as drizzle drips. You will then draw the shape of the fish, and then move to next step.

Step 5.

Here you will draw the base of the cake or tart like so, and then draw in the cloud like shaped ball of rice that the raw fish is resting on.

Step 6.

Make the dip in the center of the tart, and then draw the tail on the fish. This could also be a piece of shrimp if you like as well.

Step 7.

And finally draw in the simple face expressions on both the tart, rice and fish. Color in the eyes and erase your mistakes when you are done.

Step 8.

Here is what your drawing of kawaii looks like when you are all done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on drawing some of the cutest kawaii faces.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 19, 2012
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Description: Now that you finally have a lesson on a kawaii cupcake, how about a tutorial on something uber cute that has nothing but style, pizazz, and life. Here is what I call "how to draw kawaii". What better way to make a tutorial on kawaii drawing style than to do it with a fun concept on raw fish, and rice laid on a platter with a pair of kawaii style chopsticks. Yes both pieces of food have faces although the raw fish just has eyes. The concept you see before you now is what kawaii is all about. Small faces, cute expressions, and mini sized objects. One of the reasons why I like drawing sushi is because I have never tried the real thing yet. I have tried the imitation stuff which is seaweed wrapped with rice and a mixture of imitation crab-meat. This summer I plan on going to China Town to experience some real deal stuff but I donโ€™t know if there is anything I can trust to eat without getting some sort of food poising especially by eating raw meat. Anyway Iโ€™m getting off topic. I've included some tip steps for drawing kawaii to help make things a bit easier. I hope you all enjoy the fun, and be sure to rate and comment on any or all the lessons you see here. Adios people and enjoy!