How to Draw a Blade

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Blades viewed from the front should be advanced with the principle of 'perspective'. When you're viewing it from the front such as this 1. there is an accelerated curve that shortens briefly at the end to 2. where you see the sword hand guard.


There are typically two styles of blade tips. They both have different effects when used in combat. 1. shows how the inner detailing which is the smoothed out sharpened region that curves heavily at 2.


The other style of drawing a blade is basically the box like sharpened edge. This is most familiarized on medieval-like Celtic swords. 1. The blunt shape at the edge of the blade shifts into the sharpened edge. This is most used as to jab the sword i   


Start this lesson by making a horizontal slope or slightly curled line.


Now sketch out the shape of the blade like you see here, and notice how I chose to make a saif like weapon that is commonly seen with Arabian weaponry.


Lightly sketch in the middle line which is used for added detail and definition. This is the dividing line that separates the top of the blade from the sharpened portion of the sword. That's pretty much it, now you can erase any visible lines that yo   


Here is what the blade looks like when you are all done. Now attach the blade to a handle and then you are all set. Thanks for viewing this lesson on how to draw a blade.

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November 17, 2010

Description: Before I get into some of the other cool characters I have in store for you all, I wanted to upload a quick lesson that was requested a while ago, and to be completely honest with you, I made the tutorial almost a month ago. So having said all that jazz, I will be teaching you "how to draw a blade", step by step. Blades come in all different shapes, sizes, and many of them are used for different purposes. The blade that I drew is a design that is commonly seen in a lot of manga and anime series. I wanted to draw something that was pretty recognizable. In general you will have a simple adventure when you attempt to draw this blade. You can also tweak the blade in this lesson, and customize it to your liking. I also provide helpful tips and tricks to make this tutorial a whole lot easier to tackle. The whole thing is, whenever you draw swords, knives, daggers, or any other blade you have to be sure that you define the edges of the surface so that it carries the resemblance of being sharp, clean, and shined up like a brand new piece of steel. Have fun learning "how to draw a blade", step by step. When you are done, be sure to upload your artwork if you can, or even draw your newly created blade on one of your favorite character creations. Peace out people!

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