How to Draw Jet Li, Jet Li

How to Draw Jet Li, Jet Li
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Let's start by drawing the basic guides and shapes. Draw the head, then sketch in the facial guidelines and the hand or fist guides.


You will now begin sketching out the shape of Jet Li's facial structure like so, then incorporate the shape of his ear.


The next thing we will do is sketch out the shape of his head. Do this by drawing the sharp pointed bangs, then add some detailing to the part of his hair. The hairline should frame out his face.


Using the facial guidelines, draw out Jet Li's eyes. You will then draw and color in the eyebrows.


Sketch out the nose, and his well defined lips. When that is done add definition and detailing to his face.


Sketch in the inner ear detailing in this step, then move to step seven.


Now we will focus on sketching out the shape of his thick neck. When that is done you can draw the shirt collar, then his shoulder or shirt sleeve. Add some skin definition to his neck, then move to step seven.


Draw the extended arm followed by his clutched fist. The knuckles should be nice and detailed, and the shirt sleeve on his forearm should be ruffled too.


Sketch in the thumb, then draw the palm of his hand then finish drawing the arm. Add knuckle detailing to his hand, then proceed to the next step.


We will now need to draw out the left arm and fist like so, then draw the rolled up shirt sleeve.


Draw in the fist in better detail, then sketch out the palm, and all the definition on his hand. This will add texture to his arm and hand.


Sketch out the rest of the shoulder and collar then add the rest of the detailing to his clothing. Erase the mistakes then you're done drawing Jet Li.


Here is the finished line art when all is done and everything is erased. Now color in Jet Li or leave your drawing a sketch.

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February 13, 2013

I don’t think I have ever uploaded a lesson on an action start that was popular as far as martial artist goes. Today I will be showing you "<em>how to draw Jet Li</em>", step by step. I know most of you are familiar with Jet Li because he is the action star that appeared in films like Lethal Weapon 4, Romeo Must Die, Kiss of the Dragon, Unleashed, The Forbidden Kingdom, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and so many other films that he is noted for. Li’s full name is Li Lianjie but he is known for his stage name of Jet Li. He was born on April 26, 1963 and he was born in Beijing China. He has two older brothers and two sisters. Li was brought up in a struggling household since he was very young due to the loss of his father when he was two. When he was eight he began training in wushu, and was part of the Beijing Wushu Team. He is definitely a talented martial arts man, as well as a very vibrant, active and outgoing individual. Drawing Jet Li will be fun for all you fans of this action star. I will be back momentarily with other lessons for you all to enjoy. Peace out folks and good luck.

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