How to Draw Genghis Khan, Genghis Khan


Start off with an oval shape like so, then sketch the facial guidelines.


Using the shape you just made, begin sketching out the shape of Khan's face. This should include the high cheek bones as well as the long stretch of face that will later form his square jaw and chin. Draw the hat lid line like so, then move to step t   


Next, draw out the hat which is shaped like a bell. This is a very simple helmet to draw out because it's basically a small bowl, followed by the long shape from the back of the helmet.


We will continue to work on the helmet. Draw the "cap" then add the weave like line design.


Genghis Khan has a very serious expression on his face. You have to make sure that the eyebrows are long and hairy. Sketch out the crinkle between the eyebrows like so, then draw in the nose, wrinkles under the eyes, and then add the dimples on the t   


The hardest part to Khan is his eyes. That's because his stare is so intense, trying to replicate it is almost impossible. We will tackle the bangs that peak out from under his helmet. That are pushed to the right or left side, then sketch in the det   


Draw the tail of hair that is coming from the top of the hat like so, then add the detailing.


Lastly, draw Khan's wide broad shoulders like so, followed by the closing neck as it criss crosses on his chest or torso. Add detailing, then start erasing mistakes.


Here is Genghis Khan when you are all done. Now you can color him in to really bring this warrior to life.

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February 19, 2013

Description: Hey everyone this is another lesson on a figure from history that was also a very brutal individual when it came to conquering the world. Up next, here is "how to draw Genghis Khan", step by step. This guy was no joke. This Mongolian warrior from the thirteenth century did more than just command and conquer; he also played a big part with populating Asia to a point where geneticists believe that Genghis Khan left nearly sixteen million descendants in the world today. He managed to create the largest empire in the entire world known as the Mongol Empire. He did this by invading and destroying tribes throughout Northeast Asia. When he was just sixteen years old he was already a husband and by the time he was twenty, he was already building a considerably large military force with plans to invade tribes. In the end Khan was responsible for nearly fifty million deaths. Of course this is just a speculated number, but I’m sure it’s pretty dang close. The art came out looking pretty awesome so I know you will all love that aspect to the tut. I do hope you enjoy drawing Genghis Khan as I did making this lesson. Peace out people!

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