How to Draw Christopher Columbus, Christopher Columbus


Begin with a circle for the head, then draw the wide arched line for his shoulders. You will also need to sketch in the facial guidelines.


Next, sketch out Christopher's face shape like so, then draw the back part of the neck as well as the curly hair line that frames his face. Take your time so he comes out looking awesome.


Okay, here is where you will be using the facial guidelines. Start by drawing out the eyebrows in a serious expressive manner, then color them in. You will then focus on sketching out the shapes of his eyes. Add the detailing around the eyes which is   


Christopher Columbus was said to be a very serious and no nonsense type of man. This is what the expression on his face should convey. Sketch out the shape of his nose, then draw out the frown lines that start on the sides of the nostrils, all the wa   


Continue to draw out his hair which is curly and short or bobbed. Draw the lid of the hat line like so, then sketch in some detailing to his hair.


Almost done folks. Draw the shape of his hat which is sort of triangular, then draw in the back part of the hat. Make sure that the ends fold or curl up at the sides.


Lastly, draw the rest of his neck followed by the shirt collar, and his thick cloak that men used to wear back in those days. Add some definition to his clothing, then begin erasing the mistakes.


Now you have an awesome picture to color in and show off. I know some of you will use this lesson for school projects and that's great.

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February 19, 2013

Description: Some tutorials I upload today will be based on some popular figures from world history. To start I wanted to show you guys "how to draw Christopher Columbus", step by step. Now despite what some people believe Christopher Columbus was in fact an Italian explorer, not Spanish. His travels began in 1492, and ended in 1504. He made a total of four trips around the world for different reasons but we all know why he made these journeys, because he was an explorer through and through. He is known for his trip back in 1492 when he sailed across the Atlantic in search of a trade route to India for their spices. His first real travels began when King Ferdinand II and Queen Isabella of Spain wanted him to start an expedition using three vessels; the Pinta which was owned by Martin Alonzo Pinzon, the Nina, a vessel that was captained by Vicente Pinzon, and the Santa Maria, the ship that Christopher himself captained. There was roughly ninety men that was part of the crew and they all set sail together on August 3, 1492. They began in Palos, Spain and it wasn't until they had been on the ocean for two months before spotting the Caribbean Islands. It was there that they anchored, and captured their first indigenous people to the islands who Columbus later sold as slaves. The trip lasted until March 15, 1493. His second trip was a bigger expedition than the first. It started September 25, 1493 and ended June 11, 1496. During those years he sailed seventeen ships with over fourteen hundred men in search for gold and to rustle up more Indians to be sold as slaves. His travels where basically around the Latino parts of the world which is why he is called the Spanish traveler. He named Dominica on November 3, 1493, and when he landed on the Caribbean islands he named it San Salvador. The third expedition was from may 30, 1498 to October 1500. This is when he decided to sail further to the south to reach Trinidad and Venezuela. Christopher Columbus was the first European to walk on the mainland of America after the Vikings during these times. Finally on his fourth trip, he sailed to Mexico, Panama, and Honduras. That trip lasted two years from may 9, 1502 to November 7, 1504. After all his explorations he died on May 20, 1506. Because of his efforts, the initiation of the Spanish colonization of the New World took place. He is buried in Hispaniola and will always be a historic icon. Thanks for joining me for this lesson folks. I will be back with other people you may heard of. Peace out amigos!

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