How to Draw a Simple Face

Artist: tiki_the_chibi / February 9, 2013

Step 1.

Okay, I accidently deleted step one, but it's not too much a big of a deal. So start of by drawing a circle, then make a line going downwards. Then, you start to sketch out the head. Draw the head and the neck~

Step 2.

Now, start to draw the eyes, mouth and nose. The eyes should be quick and simple. The mouth is just two lines, and the nose should be pretty self-explanatory.

Step 3.

The haiirr~ What makes my persona my persona!! Anyway, start to draw the fringe. Try not to focus on the pieces, just let your hand flow. Just take note that the hair should not be big chunks or too thin.

Step 4.

Add more detail to the hair ouo. We're nearly finished~!

Step 5.

Start to do the lineart and shiz. You can add different details, as I altered the hair and other stuff ouo. Before you outline, remember to erase the guidlines ;-;

Step 6.

Meeeeehh...Okay, now you can start to color. I'll just do a quick explanation. I did only two colors for the hair, but the water tool made it look more. For the skin I used the water tool and then I airbrushed/watered the red or pink color lightly, a   

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Artist: tiki_the_chibi
Date Added: February 9, 2013
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Tags: draw anime, draw simple, draw people
Description: Hey guys~! This is my first tutorial, so I hope it's okay...Anyway, in this tutorial, you'll learn to draw a simple face. The person used here is my persona Tiki. Anyway, hope you like~ c: