How to Draw Shirley Temple

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Draw out the guidelines to make the framework of her face.


Sketch out the shape and structure of her face like so, then make the shape of her ear, as well as the curly bangs that fall on her face.


Using the facial guidelines begin drawing out the shape of her eyes, eyebrows, then the nose and mouth.


finish drawing her eyes, then add the eyeballs. You will then lightly sketch in the skin creases that make up the dimple under her eyes, as well as the lids. Draw in her mouth with smiling lips, and add the cheeks. Sketch in the inner ear detailing t   


You will need to take your time with this step because you have to sketch out the banana type curls. These curls look more like tubes than they do bananas. Once the curls are done, you can add the hair texture definition.


Last step here. Draw out the shape of her neck and make sure there is that indent you see. Next, sketch out the folded shirt collar, then begin erasing the guides and mistakes.


That's it folks. You are done drawing Shirley Temple. Color in the drawing if you want, or leave it as a sketched portrait.

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February 8, 2013

Description: So are you guys enjoying some of the lessons that have been submitted thus far by a few different artists? I hope you are all having a blast with what’s being submitted today. I have to take things back a notched to the 1930’s when everything was in black and white, and little girls had pigtails and curls. Today I will show you "how to draw Shirley Temple", step by step. This adorable little girl is best known for her singing, dancing and acting. She was one of Hollywood’s famous and sought after stars that people loved and adored. Her bouncy spiral curls, blonde colored hair, fair skin, and deep dimpled smile just made her talent shine even more. She appeared in films like Heidi, Stand Up and Cheer!, The Little Princess, Since you Went Away, Bright Eyes, Curly Top and several others almost simultaneously. I never knew what she looked like as an older teen and young adult because that is not how I want to remember her. I would much rather want to remember Shirley Temple as a talented child star. Have fun drawing Shirley Temple folks, and remember to comment, rate or fav any, or all the lessons you visit today.

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