How to Draw Hunger Games, the Hunger Games Logo

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Let us begin by drawing the shapes that will be used to draw out the bird. A simple circle and oval shape should be drawn like so.


Next, sketch out the shape of the birds head like so, and then draw the long horned shape beak. Draw tiny eyes, and make sure that there is feather tips at the back of the head.


Draw the bottom part of the beak and then draw in the arrow which should be nice and long.


Continue on with drawing out the back of the neck and then draw the wings in a very graceful manner. Be sure to draw each feather neatly and evenly. Once his is done you can proceed to step five.


This is the last step where you will be drawing out the body. Sketch out the birds chest, and then draw the back lining and tail. Add the feather lines in the tail before leaving.


For the last step make a circle around the entire bird but not past the arrow tip. Once the larger circle is drawn, make the inner circle too. Clean up the mistakes and guides to prepare this drawing for color.


Here it is guys, the end results. Color in the entire symbol gold and that's it.

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December 6, 2011

Description: Oh well, this is the say that I finally submit a tutorial that I said I was going to do a while ago. The lesson has been sitting in my tutorial folder for two days, but since I’m trying to fill old requests, I forgot to submit this one to the site. Up next we will be learning "how to draw Hunger Games", step by step. Now after reading some information about Hunger Games, I came to understand that the title is in fact the name of a book or novel. It was published in 2008 and it was written by Suzanne Collins. The story is based on a complex plot that is pretty hard to recite in my own words. It’s one of those books that needs to be read by a first party. The icon image is not going to be that hard to replicate because it is basically just a ring shape with a bird silhouette in the middle. I had a lot of fun drawing the Hunger Games symbol out because it was very renaissance and interesting. So, there is my description, how about you start drawing Huger Games for your own collection. Have fun and be sure to join me tomorrow for another Live drawing session. Peace out people and adios!

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