How to Draw a Monster Truck for Kids

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Just start with a simple diagonal line like so, and move to step two.


Using the line as your guide, draw out the actual shell of the monster truck like so, and be sure to draw the front bumper and then some of the triangular shield guard.


Here you will draw in the lining that forms the windshield, hood, roof, passenger side window, the truck bed lining, and then draw the shapes of the headlight and grill guard.


I know that this may look like a difficult step, but it's really not. All you have to do is draw the tire bar which holds the tires to the trucks frame or chassis. Next, draw each gigantic tire like so, and be sure the edges are ruffled like so.


For the last step, draw the bottom of the exposed body frame like so, and then draw in the back tire as well as the rims. Add some minor detailing and be on your way to see how your truck should look when you are done.


Here it is, the finished line art. Now you can color it in. I guess you can draw a monster truck now huh? Good job guys!

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December 3, 2011

Description: I'm having a lot of fun making these simple cars and trucks for kids. My twelve year old brother loved this tutorial on "how to draw a monster truck for kids", step by step because he loves these things like you wouldn't believe. I think I'm going to do a series of fun for kids style vehicles and other transportation devices because I know that there is a lot of folks out there that would appreciate lessons such as these. Anyways, one of the most popular monster trucks to date is still Big Foot. The color of Big Foot is blue, and yes it is still being used today. I how you guys like this tutorial because I think it will help those of you that have a hard time drawing trucks in general. I will be back with more drawing fun so don't go anywhere too far, you might miss something good. Peace people and enjoy!

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