How to Draw a Tribal Bird, Tribal Hawk

Artist: Dawn / December 1, 2011

Step 1.

The tribal bird or hawk is going to be a bit easier to tackle then the tribal fish i uploaded. You will start with a large V and then draw an arched or rounded line for the body.

Step 2.

Like with the fish, start with the head. Draw the outline of the head, beak, and neck like so, and then proceed to draw in the eye and the lower portion of the mouth. Be sure your bird's beak is clawed in shape.

Step 3.

Carefully start sketching out the back and notice how it slopes and then comes back upwards. Next, draw the tribal pattern for the legs and be sure to include those spaces for the feathers.

Step 4.

Next, begin sketching out the tribal style wings for your hawk or bird like so. Notice how the strips are in chunks. This is going to give a more majestic appearance to the birds design. Be sure to draw the wings in the same pattern you see them here   

Step 5.

Fill in the wings with more chunks of feathers like so, and then draw in the tail which is drawn in a spear tipped shape. Draw in the talons or claws like so, and then clean up and fix mistakes you have made. When your drawing is finished, you can mo   

Step 6.

Here it is guys, your very own tribal hawk. How awesome was this tutorial huh? I think it was pretty sweet. Thanks for joining me for another tutorial day, and remember, keep practicing until you can draw anything you want.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 1, 2011
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Description: I love the way this tribal bird came out and I have a feeling that most of you will too. Again, I surprised myself with the finished results and I think I'm getting the hang of this whole tribal drawing thing. The tricky aspect with drawing tribal art, designs, animals, or what have you, is making sure the shapes and patterns all flow in the same direction in a uniform manner. The more tribal things I tackle the better I'm going to get with creating new stuff. I have drawn a lot of birds in my day and even though this one doesn't have a realistic or cartoon face, it still happens to be one of my favorite birds I have drawn so far. I guess that is all I have to say for now. By the time you guys view this tutorial I should already be drawing live. So, have a look see and when you're done, join me with Live to have even more Dragoart fun. Peace out people and don't forget to upload your finished art so everyone else can see.