How to Draw Deadmau5, Deadmau5, Deadmau5 Logo

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Make one single, simple circle like so, and then draw a face guide.


Thicken the head line that you just drew in step one.


Next, draw out a great big open smile like you see here. Be sure to take your time so the bottom mouth line comes out precise like you see here.


Draw some eyes like so, and move along.


For the final step, draw out the great big mouse ears like so, and then start cleaning up your drawing.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Color in your new drawing and move along to another fun tutorial.

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November 4, 2011

Description: After member and artist ‘Finalprodigy’ submitted the tutorial on Skrillex, I have received so many requests for me to make a tutorial on "how to draw deadmau5", step by step. Instead of drawing what this DJ really looks like without the mask on, I thought it would be cool to make a face that folks and fans are used to seeing when they watch Deadmau5 perform. This musical artist’s real name is Joel Zimmerman, and he is from Canada. I don’t know too much about his music, but I do know that deadmau5 doesn’t like to be called a DJ. He actually made a pretty raunchy statement about DJs in general, and it was so bad in fact, he actually went public and made an apology. Deadmau5 falls in several different genres and they are; electronica, new-trance, electric house, dubstep, and progressive house music. This tutorial is going to be real simple to follow and replicate because all you will be doing is actually drawing deadmau5’s mask or known logo. So go ahead and have fun, and I will get busy with more drawing fun. Peace out and enjoy!

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