How to Draw NFL, NFL Logo


Start with a couple guide lines that form a cross like shape.


Using the two guides you drew in step one, draw out the shape of a shield like so.


Draw the shape if a smaller half shield inside of the original shield you made in step two.


Inside of the box you just made, draw the letters 'N F L' right in the center. Notice how the edges of the letters groove, or flow with the shape of the shield.


Draw twelve stars starting on the left side of the NFL logo, and then move to step six. I advise you to take your time as you make the stars because drawing each one is going to be a tedious task.


Draw eleven more starts on the right side and be sure that the hole in the middle is shaped like a small football.


And lastly, draw the football in the center of the logo. Be sure to make the laces the way you see them here. Clean up the drawing to prepare it for color.


You're done guys. That was it. You can color in your NFL logo using only two colors, blue and red.

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September 29, 2017

Description: It’s high time that I submit this lesson that has been sitting in my folder for three days now. Sometimes I forget to upload a tutorial when its sports related. I’m not a big sports nut, but I know when to fill requests on certain concepts that I know a lot of other people would love. So today I will finally upload "how to draw NFL", or NFL logo. The three letters surrounded by a shield shape box marks how each team of the NFL urges to win, and triumph over their competitors. Even though we are used to the logo as we know it today, I hear tell that the NFL will be changing their logo. It supposed to have a new football, a thinner, taller shield shape, four stars, and the same colors but in a duller format. When the logo has been changed, it will be the first time a change has been made to the NFL symbol in over thirty years. Anyways, most of you should be able to handle this tutorial on drawing the NFL logo. I will be back later, or I just may finish up my drawings and then hit the hay. Have fun guys and let me know if you liked this tutorial by leaving a rating, or even a comment.

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