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How to Draw Hands

Artist: Alley1 / February 21, 2013
How to Draw Hands

Step 1.

Start with drawing your basic shapes. These will help with fitting the form of each hand and its position.

Step 2.

Now comes the actual guidelines after drawing your basic shapes. This step will become very useful when you begin the hands in the next step. Don't be scared at the million lines! Trust me... you'll learn to love having these lines for later on.

Step 3.

And now... the tricky part! Begin drawing the hands for all eight of them. Key to drawing these, take your TIME. If you take your time and limit your stress, it'll be very helpful.

Step 4.

Finish up the extra fingers for the farther middle left hand and the wrist to the middle top hand. And the details ^^

Step 5.

And you survived!! Congratulations!! :) I know this isn't the best tut ever but like I said, within a month or two, I plan on updating a new hand tut that will be 10x better than this one. Promise!~ ;)

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Artist: Alley1
Date Added: February 21, 2013
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Tags: how to draw hands, hand drawn videos
Description: Most artist say that hands are by far the most difficult of the anatomy to draw. I can finally admit to that theory that it's true, at least for me. So, I made this tut on drawing hands, since there are limited ones. It's not the best but I plan on uploading another one regarding hands within a month or two for better quality and more advanced at attempting this difficulty.