How to Draw Praying Hands Tattoo


Make an oblong shape for the guide shape for your hand. Add three finger guide lines which will leave your drawing look more like a bear paw.


Begin sketching, and shaping out the inner lining of the hand and thumb.


Next draw in the index finger, and the middle finger shapes like you see them here. Be sure to make the middle finger slightly longer then the index finger.


Draw in the rest of the fingers which is the ring and pinky fingers. When that is done draw the outer lining of the hand which is the side of the palm.


Here you will add the nails, finger wrinkles and creases, then draw in the bone/hand detailing on the top portion of the hand. also write the words 'One Love' along the side of the outer palm.


Draw in the other hand which only has the pinky exposed at this point.


We will draw in three more visible fingers, then move to step eight.


Add palm detailing to the hand that has the exposed palms.


Lastly, draw the sleeves for the cloak that this individual is wearing. The sleeves should also have nice thick edging. Erase the mistakes and guidelines before you go.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring this image in.

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April 16, 2014

Description: I haven't done a lot of lessons on religious stuff that people really find solace and peace in when it comes to their faith. Today I will do another tutorial on "how to draw praying hands", step by step. The last tut has a colored in image, but since this is such an awesome tut for a tattoo job, I wanted to keep it colored in grayish tones. If you look closely on the side of the hand's palm, it reads 'one love'. I will leave those two words into your own interpretation and to make things even more fun maybe you can express what the words 'one love' means to you.

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