How to Draw Holding Hands


If you notice on holding hands, the pinky is overlapping the sides. This also depends on the hand's size.


I viewed a few references and observed the different ways people hold hands.


Here I just simply show you the right way two holding hands should look, and how the wrong way two holding hands should look. Observe and move to the next step.


Here is a sketch of two hands, one is right side up, and the other is palm side up.


This is a quick sketched description of two hands overlaying each other. This is how the hand on top should look, and the hand on the bottom should have a stiff appeal to it as well.


Before we start this lesson, I just wanted to show you a few different poses of hands holding each other. As you can see the complexity of drawing hands gets more intense when you draw tricky poses.


Start by drawing out the guideline and shape of first hand like you see here. As of right now it looks like a hoof.


Begin sketching out the actual shape of the arm and hands form as you see it done here. Once that is done, you can draw in the finger lines.


Now move onto sketching out the edge of the hands which is the soft tissue part of the hand that is more like a palm. Draw out the other side of the arm, and then sketch out the pinky and some knuckle detailing.


Now you will begin sketching out the other hand like you see here, and when you do this you will need to take your time so you can carefully sketch in the fingers interlocking.


Now you will attempt to finish off your hands. Before you do this you have to start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step seven. Once that is done sketch in the fingernails, and some of the finger creases.


Now here it is all done and completed. I hope you had fun learning how to draw holding hands. Even though it was a long tutorial, it was still very fun.

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January 13, 2011

Description: One of my last lessons is going to be on couples hands. This is going to be a mixed complexity tutorial because everyone on Dragoart have a mixture of artistic levels. For those of you that are novice artists, this tutorial may be a bit challenging. For those of you that are both intermediate and advanced artists, you should be able to teach yourself "how to draw holding hands", step by step easily. I wanted to make this tutorial because I know that there are a lot of people here that want or need to learn how to draw their figures and or characters holding hands. Sometimes it can be hard drawing two figures and show how they feel about one another. A good way to convey affection is through body gestures like holding hands, hugging, kissing, or just even talking. I had fun making this tutorial, and even though I was able to teach you "how to draw holding hands", it was challenging for me as well as I drew out the hands interlocking with one another. Some of you may notice some subtle mistakes that I know I made, but overall it came out pretty decent. If you love art, and you love drawing people, you will love this tutorial. Have fun guys, and be sure to come back tomorrow to see what I upload for you next. Peace out and enjoy the rest of your drawing day!

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