How to Draw Hands for Kids


This is an actual tip step that is showing you the two main pads on a human hand. The first is the palm, and the other is the pad attached to your thumb. This is a good reference to use when drawing a hand.


Here is show you the different lengths of the fingers on a human hand. Normally the middle finger is longer than the rest, and the ring finger is always longer than your pinkie.


When drawing the guides and shapes for a hand, the finger guides should match up when you start drawing in the actual fingers. This is the same for the palm of the hand as well.


This is just an overlay I placed on top of the actual guidelines and shapes for the hands you are about to draw. Notice how the lines of motion dictates how the hands will be drawn as well as the gestures they are in.


Let us begin. First, draw the shapes of each hand you plan on drawing, and then draw in the finger lines which should be made in the actual gesture that your hand will be displayed in.


Begin drawing the fists, fingers and thumbs as needed to the hands you see here, and be sure to take your time so an accurate depiction of your hands are made.


You will basically finish drawing the hands in this step. Draw the rest of the fingers, wrists, and then some of the thumbs like so. When you are done, you can start erasing the guides and any mistakes you made.


Finally, sketch in the nails, knuckles and palm detailing for added definition and realism.


Here you have your cleaned up hands all detailed and ready to be placed or drawn on your next character.

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February 9, 2012

Description: Yup I had to go and do it; I had to make a tutorial that would make drawing hands a whole lot easier for all you novice or beginning artist out there. Today I will try to teach you guys "how to draw hands for kids", step by step. It’s no secret that drawing hands is probably one of the hardest parts of the human body to replicate. There is without a doubt a system to creating hands in a manner that can be both expressive, and demanding. You can tell a lot by a person and their hands, just like you can tell how well they can draw by their ability to sketch in a pair. Anyways this tutorial is supposed to help individuals conquer a feat that has been preventing them to create figures in a nearly uniform and perfect manner. There are a few different hand gestures to choose from when tackling this tutorial, or like always you can make the choice to whether you want to draw them all. Whatever you choose is obviously going to be the right choice for you. Well, that is all I really have to say in this matter so I guess all I can do is let you begin your process of drawing hands for kids. Thanks guys and enjoy!

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