How to Draw Jack Frost

Artist: Alley1 / February 28, 2013

Step 1.

Begin with the chin.

Step 2.

Start to draw out the outline of Jack's eyes.

Step 3.

Draw his nose and mouth. Notice that his nose isn't much of a normal "anime" like nose. It's got somewhat of a human like outline to it.

Step 4.

Begin the drawing of Jack's hoodie. Also, draw in his big ears lol

Step 5.

Now we start Jack's hair by first drawing his short pointy bangs. Remember to draw his eyebrows, too! :)

Step 6.

Finish up Jack's spiky hair shown here.

Step 7.

Now we go back to Jack's hoodie. Continue drawing it and remember to draw the strings that dangle close to his chin. Since he's in a running position, the strings are tossed to one side.

Step 8.

Draw the hoodie's pocket located at the bottom of Jack's hoodie and his pants. Then, we will commense with the drawing of his hands. Also, we will start the drawing of Jack's staff.

Step 9.

Now, just fill in the leftover details such as Jack's pupils in his eyes.

Step 10.

And there's your Jack Frost! I hope you enjoyed my tut of Jack and I may draw other ROtG characters later on!

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Artist: Alley1
Date Added: February 28, 2013
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Description: I'm sure that others have done a tut on this guy but I decided on doing one as well. ^^ This is my favorite character named Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. He is actually 300 years old but "trapped" as eighteen as his appearance. He is the Spirit of Winter and able to control wind, snow, and ice. I hope you guys enjoy my "how to draw Jack Frost" tut!!