How to Draw Jack Frost

Artist: Alley1 / April 5, 2013

Step 1.

Start by drawing a circle for Jack's head. Then, begin with some of the facial guidelines here. Notice how the vertical line goes down only so far. Reason being chibis often have pudgy like chins and don't go down very far like an average anime chara   

Step 2.

Now, draw the body guidelines.If you think that's it for the guidelines, think again! I know. The most difficult part of it all but for any pose, you need a rough sketch of it with just lines and basic shapes next step. :)

Step 3.

Now we sketch roughly where Jack's chest and stomach would be with a curved square. Then, we draw almost the same shape for the lower half but slightly curved more. Notice the V-like shape on the left side. That will becoming an important part in lat   

Step 4.

This step is fairly easy. We just draw out Jack's small and pudgy chin and begin the outline of his shoulders and eyes.

Step 5.

Alot of things are kind of thrown at you in this step. We draw in his eye highlights and finish up the eyes. Then, we move on to the outline to Jack's hoodie. That one "Z" form on his side is still slightly visible but also notice that his hoodie is    

Step 6.

Simple step of just drawing out his pants. :)

Step 7.

Add detail to his hoodie, including: his pocket and hood strings. Remember. Jack is flying in the air so, the strings fly up with him. Then, begin the outline of his bangs.

Step 8.

Finish up his hair and now begin his hands and feet.

Step 9.

More detail! :D And his epic staff!! lol

Step 10.

Now whenever I draw chibis of all sorts and sizes, I always have this 'bold' method when I draw them all out. Meaning which, I use a black pen or sometimes even sharpie to outline with. It makes the art pop out more and add emphasizes to the work. It   

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Artist: Alley1
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Description: I've been in a Jack Frost-y mood lately. Sooo... I've come back with another tut, since I had nothing to do today after getting home from school. 'How to Draw Jack Frost' (IN CHIBI FORM! :D )