How to Draw Halloween Pinkie Pie


Start off with some guides for the head, body, neck and legs.


Here we can start drawing the shape of Pinkie's face and or head, then draw the ear and hairline for her mane.


Next, draw out her big pretty eyes and make sure to color in the pupils and lashes. Add detailing inside her ear, and draw her mouth in more detail.


We can draw her big puffy mane which is nice and curly.


Add detailing to her mane, then proceed to step six.


Draw Pinkie Pie's chest, then her front legs and squared hooves.


Here all you have to do is draw the belly, butt and back leg.


Draw in Pinkie Pie's other back leg then you are done here.


We finish Pinkie Pie's body by drawing her big, thick curly tail.


Are you ready to draw in her skeletal costume? Good because before you do you have to erase those guidelines and shapes. When that is done draw in the bones, and sleeve lines on each hoof.


Color Halloween Pinkie Pie in and you are all done. I hope you had fun folks, great job.

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September 7, 2014

Description: Yeah I think it's pretty accurate to dress Pinkie Pie up in a skeleton costume because she is always so bubbly. I attempted to bring some darkness her way but it seems that no matter how much black she wears, she will always remain bright and full of life. Here is my take on drawing a Halloween version of Pinkie Pie. I couldn't possibly draw Pinkie with a frown or scary face because it just wouldn't look right. I hope you like my costume choice for her and remember, if there is any characters you would like to see transformed into a costume let me know.

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