How to Draw Halloween Fluttershy


We will make the head and body guides, then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the leg lines.


Next, draw in the ear, then draw some of the face shape along with the snout.


We are now ready to draw in Fluttershy's beautiful long mane which is nicely manicured.


All you have to do here is draw the strand lines for the mane, then proceed to step five.


Everything will look like it's coming together when you draw in the chest, and front legs.


Draw the body and back leg and when you are done here you can move to step seven.


Add the other back leg and hoof.


Now we can draw out the wings which are in layers of two.


Add the butterfly wing which is nicely shaped and designed. Of course you can add your own wing detailing.


Draw in Fluttershy's long tail. It should be thick and hang past her feet or hooves.


Add the strand lines to the tail, then proceed to the next drawing step.


You can draw in Fluttershy's face starting with the pouting eyes and lashes. When that is done you can draw the mouth and nose.


Lastly, draw in the vines on her hooves, then some extra detailing to the legs. Erase the guides and mistakes and you are done.


The line art comes out looking like so. Color in the drawing and you are done.

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September 12, 2014

Description: When I uploaded the lesson on the Halloween version of Pinkie Pie, folks asked for more MLP ponies in Halloween form and this lesson is on one of those requests. Here is how to draw Halloween Fluttershy dressed up as a beautiful butterfly. She is absolutely stunning in this form and I know she will be really fun to tackle in a step by step form. If you are one of the folks that requested this tut on drawing Halloween Fluttershy dressed in her butterfly costume, here she is and enjoy. I will be back with some chibis so stay tuned in.

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