How to Draw a Hug for Kids

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Start with a circle for the head and then add a guideline for the face, and for the body.


We will be drawing one person at a time so be patient, we will get to the other person I promise. Using the first guide you made, draw out the structure of the face shape. Next, draw in the puffed up bangs, and then draw in the headband, and ear shap   


The first thing you do here is finish drawing her long hair which seems to form a crescent shape, and then draw in her thick blackened closed eyes, as well her eyebrows, and cheek blush.


Now lets draw in her expanded arm as well as the hand, and then draw his hand that is under her right cheek resting more like her back part of the shoulder. Draw in a bangle bracelet, and the sleeve line for her shirt.


We are still drawing out the girl in this step, but we will also be finishing her off. Continue to draw out the body and this is her entire torso, all the way down to her hips which is in the form of a dress. Once you draw the lining for he clothes y   


I told you that you would be drawing out the boy. This sixth step is dedicated to just him. Begin by sketching out the head and hairdo, as well as his ear, and then you can start drawing out his torso, and hips. Give him a belt, and then add some det   


Here is the finished line art when you are all done. Color the couple in using a vibrant shade, and then that's it!

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September 21, 2011

Description: What’s up guys? I’m back and with my return I will be submitting six new lessons that I thing you will get a kick out of. To start, how about we do another tutorial on something based on the ‘for kids’ genre. I wanted to complete a collection that I started and if you remember I did a lesson on a kiss for kids, and holding hands for kids. Next, I will show you how to draw a hug for kids, step by step and as you can imagine, this is going to be much easier than the original tutorial I uploaded long ago on the anime based couple hugging. All kids and novice artists like drawing people and one of the poses that people are often drawn in is a hugging pose. To make things a whole lot simpler, you will be able to finally draw two people hugging without all the fuss of understanding how to draw them interlocking. The lesson is very easy to follow and understand, which means you should be able to bang out this drawing in about twenty minutes or so. Well that’s about it. Have fun drawing a hug for kids and don’t be shy to upload your finished piece. Adios amigos and peace out!

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