How to Draw Dracula for Kids

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Draw a single circle for the head and then add the face guide and guide for the body or neck.


Thicken the shape you just drew in step one but at the same time shape it out as well. Once that is done, draw in the Dracula style hair with the V in the center of the forehead and then draw in the ear and hand that is up to the vampire's face.


Using the face guide you drew in step one, draw in the round eyes and color them in solid leaving only white marks behind. You will then draw out the mouth, as well as the top fangs, and then draw the marking lines for the hair and add detailing insi   


Okay guys, draw out the collar of Dracula's attire or clothing, and then draw in the arms, sleeve, and flowing cape.


Next thing to do is finish off this tutorial on Dracula and to do this all you need to do is draw out the legs and or pants, and then draw the feet. Finish the cape design and then add some minor detailing like so. Clean up the drawing by erasing the   


You are now done, which means you can color in your vampire or Dracula. I hope you liked this lesson because I know I did. Great work guys, and keep up the good work.

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September 21, 2011

Description: So you know how I made a Frankenstein for kids yesterday? Well today I thought that beginning or novice artists would enjoy a lesson on another famous Halloween monster that has pale white skin, drinks blood to survive, and has a killer appetite. Today I will complete another task by showing you "how to draw Dracula for kids", step by step. Dracula is just a regular vampire or creature of the night, but the only difference is, he is also said to be the father of all vampires. I don’t know how true that is, but for me I will stick with the story because it sort of makes sense. This Dracula for kids is going to be so fun and easy to draw and tackle. I don’t think it’s even going to be possible to mess up this drawing because making Dracula in a ‘for kids’ fashion, will not only enable you to create a cool monster character for Halloween, it will also let you practice your skills to drawing such an influential creature that has been in stories, and movies since before I can remember. Have fun guys and be sure to submit your finished artwork to the site. Until next time people, adios and have an awesome drawing day!

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