How to Draw Frankenstein for Kids

Artist: Dawn / September 20, 2011

Step 1.

Begin with a large circle fir Frankie's head and then draw out the guides for the shoulders and torso, and then draw a face guide.

Step 2.

Now you will draw out the actual shape of Frankenstein's head and face, and then be sure to incorporate the outline for the hair, and ear. Color in the top half of the head for the hair and then move to step three.

Step 3.

What you will do next is draw out the eyes like so, and as you can see the eyes are in a slanted pose. Color in around the ends of each eye until the eyeball is formed, and then draw out the other ear, bolts, and then draw in the mouth and stitched u   

Step 4.

Lets get to work on his torso or body. Start with the arms or shoulder which happen to be pinned up right under the head or face. Continue to draw out the upper body until you have the arms, hands, and shirt drawn in. As you can see you will draw the   

Step 5.

Now for the last drawing step, just simply draw out the pants and or legs like so, and add some seam lines on the side and inside of the pant legs. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one to have a cleaned sketch to color in.

Step 6.

You are now done and this is how your drawing of Frankenstein should look. Have fun coloring him in, and when you are all done, try out something else to keep the creative juices flowing.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Halloween is coming upon us, so don’t be surprised when I upload some holiday related stuff for everyone to enjoy. Up next, I wanted to also give my little sister a lesson that can keep her busy for hours. She really likes decorating the walls, fridge, and windows with her drawings whenever a new holiday arises. She is already starting with the Halloween stuff, and so far she has drawn some pumpkins, a witch, and even her version of a zombie. Today, I’m going to go all out and teach you guys an easy way to "draw Frankenstein for kids", step by step. Frankenstein has always been one of my favorite monsters around Halloween because even though he is a scary or creepy looking figure, you always know that deep down there is a being that just wants to be happy and enjoy the beauty of what the world has to offer. Frankenstein is also a character that many kids and adults dress up as, and walk the streets asking strangers for candy. Isn’t it funny, we were taught as children to never accept candy from strangers, but one day out of the whole year we are allowed to knock on strangers doors and ask for candy ourselves with our parents’ permission. Anyway, have fun teaching yourself "how to draw Frankenstein for kids", and I will return with some more fun stuff for you guys to do. Peace people and enjoy!