How To Draw Tiffany of Girls Generation

Artist: catlucker / January 23, 2014

Step 1.

This tutorial is completely in PENCIL! Let's start with the tools. I'm in love with the Monolith 9B graphite pencil sticks. It's nice, black, smooth on the surface and makes such great dark lines. And a No.2 pencil isn't bad either--great for details   

Step 2.

The picture that goes with this step shows two different ways to hold your pencil to acquire certain effects. OVERHAND: Holding a sharpened pencil in normal writing form with fingers in the middle or near the lead gives you great control and thin/det   

Step 3.

The strange crescent shape on the oval is just a reminder that her hair will be there. Also in bisecting line (down the middle of the face) and parallel lines in the next picture are to help with eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth placement. Right now, d   

Step 4.

FIRST PICTURE: If you are doing a professional picture and need accuracy, this has helped me tremendously. This is MY TIP of the day and it is LONG! Skip it if you want to. Those crazy lines help with placement too. Don't get me wrong, I mess up majo   

Step 5.

The red lines of her eyebrows & eyes indicate where your initial guidelines were (for this pic only). Do make sure your guidelines are light enough to blend or erase easily. My guidelines are very dark to help you see how the drawing develops.Start s   

Step 6.

Shade in her forehead and eye area by sketching lightly in small circles.

Step 7.

This is how her eyebrows and eyes look without the dark guidelines. That is why they need to be very light. This picture gives a more realistic appearance to Tiffany's face.

Step 8.

I am totally mesmerized by the shape of Asian eyes. Though there's a difference from Caucasian and African American eyes, I find it also beautiful. Most eyes set in an Asian skull are given that trademark slant. Then we have that overlapping skin/tis   

Step 9.

You can see closely how the shading progresses. 1. Simple eyebrows and eyes. 2. Shading and shaping begins. 3. More lines and looking at the reference. 4. Lightening guidelines & darkening the eyebrows, eyes. 5. More shading, getting rid of guideline   

Step 10.

Go ahead and lightly shade with diagonal strokes. Now using a .7mm HB or even 2B lead in the mechanical pencil is great. It doesn't wear down, you don't have to sharpen it, and it's quality remains the same. Notice how the shading has progressed down   

Step 11.

Continue shading the rest of her face, ears, neck and hands very lightly in small circles or diagonal lines.

Step 12.

Here you can more easily capture the shading progression of the nose. If you need to, lighten the outline of the nose with your (kneaded) eraser. No. 5 is the blended results & No. 6 is the final results.

Step 13.

Here is the shading progression for the lips. In No. 4, you can use the 9B graphite pencil to add darkness to where the lips meet. No. 8 is the end result of blend and highlight/darkening details. Notice throughout how the teeth size change. That's b   

Step 14.

Sketch lightly in the basic hair sections to guide you with the hair strand flow. The arrows represent the direction of your stroke. Notice how everything starts out real simple then I build up on the picture. Always look at the reference, draw from    

Step 15.

Start adding more detailed lines to her hair on the left side facing you. To not dirty up the picture, place a piece of paper under your hand (right-handed) on the right side of the picture facing you. Then fill in the right side. Stroke freely. One    

Step 16.

Long hair can take longer to create than a face. So I consider hair to be important to capture as well as the subject's personality. The curved strokes represent the direction of the hair strands & help to keep focus on drawing the hair. Yes, this is   

Step 17.

Add darker shading around the outline of her face & the dark areas of her hair. Continue with specific shading on her hand.

Step 18.

Here is the beginning of detailed shading of the hair. The strokes are streamlined and go along with the basic shape of the hair groups.

Step 19.

When you start darkening the hair, you'll notice doing it in layers gives a realistic look. Darken as you go along, looking at your reference. TIP REPEAT: When you start a stroke with your pencil, the beginning pressure is harder and ends up thicker    

Step 20.

The blending stump can work miracles for your picture. Use the skinny, tiny one for small areas, like around the eyes, in the nose and mouth. The larger stump can blend larger areas, even the cheek areas and skin tone area. Now if you want a really s   

Step 21.

Take your eraser (preferably the kneaded eraser) and add touches of highlight around her eyes (crease, tear duct), ears, hand, face, hair, and blouse.

Step 22.

What's interesting is I have added more darkness to her eyelids/lashes on her right eye facing you to make it appear larger. Also I defined her blowing hair strands more, darkening areas around it. Also I made her straight hair darker and added lines   

Step 23.

FLYING HAIR: Click on this pic to see how the fly-away hair strands have progressed in drawing and shading. It is not as hard as it seems. It just takes a little more time for that extra "umph" to your picture. No. 2: Adding hair strand sections help   

Step 24.

Here I've added the background only. Get as close to the hair as you can. I used the No.2 pencil. Also it has been blended.

Step 25.

I've lightened the right side of her face (facing you) lots more. The background is darkened (using a 9B graphite pencil makes it easier). Make sure you take your kneaded eraser and leave some highlights in her hair to make Tiffany and her hair stan   

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Description: KPop & KDrama has put South Korea on my map. This tutorial is on a popular singer, Tiffany (stage name, an American-born South Korean singer, TV presenter, promotional model, and actress. She is a member of the South Korean girl group "Girls' Generation." Her family name is Hwang... her full name is Stephanie Young Hwang. (Korean name: Hwang Mi-Young.)