How to Draw Peter Schiff


Begin by sketching out the guide shape for his head/face like so.


Starting to the left, we will draw and shade in the brow, along with his eye and some of the nose bridge.


On the opposite side of his face, sketch and color in the right or left eyebrow like so, then incorporate the shape of the eye. You will color it in the way you see it done here. We are doing sort of a tribal type of drawing style or a clear silhouet   


This should be pretty simple because all you have to do is draw out the outline for the shape of his nose. It's really just the tip of the nose you will draw. Add some shading around the inner part of the nostril, then add a frown marking line from t   


Another simple step because all you will do is draw the mouth line, then add a small colored square to give Schiff's face a dimensional shape along with a bottom lip.


You can use the face guide you drew in step one to sketch out the shape of Peter Schiff's face starting with the left or right cheek. Slowly draw in the chin and jaw line as well as the outline of the ear. Add the neck line too.


To form the shape of Schiff's head all you have to do is make a small forehead line, then draw out the outline for his hairstyle which is bumpy. Color in the hair, then finish drawing the neck and make a shirt collar.


Add more of the shirt collar which is also the knot of his tie.


And finally, draw in the inner ear detailing like you see here. When all is complete you can erase the mistakes as well as the guidelines you made in step one.


Here is the finished drawing of Peter Schiff. Now show other who you have just drawn, and don't forget to check out his videos and radio show.

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June 5, 2014

Description: I know many of you will not know who this public figure is that you are about to get a lesson on, but I just had to make a tutorial on "how to draw Peter Schiff" because to me and my family he is one of the true patriots left in the United States. There are only a hand full of people that I can honestly say have a genuine love for their country and want whats best for it because they know what it's potential could, and should be like it once was before when our founding fathers fought and bleed to prevent what is going on in my country today. Peter Schiff is one of the best, if not the best economist I have ever heard speak. His logic, his knowledge in what he does for a living, how he knows what is and what was is just simple truth. He is the owner/CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., he is an investment broker, an author, a financial commentator, a son, brother, husband and father. Some people in the economic world also refer to him as being Dr. Doom because of all the gloomy data he releases and is almost always right about like the collapse of the housing markets which happened in 2008-2009, he is also one of the biggest advocates of verbally telling people about the upcoming massive economic collapse of the United States. If you haven't already please have an open mind and listen to Peter Shciff one day. You can find plenty of videos on Shciff on Youtube, all you have to do is type in Peter Schiff. You can also go to his website and listen to him live there as well. For now, enjoy this lesson even if you don't know who he is.

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