How to Draw Garrus Vakarian, Mass Effect

Artist: PuzzlePieces / November 2, 2012

Step 1.

Like all drawings we're going to start with a base. For Garrus, we're going to use a sort of egg shape to draw the upper portion of his armor. His head should also be angular and sort of on the long side.

Step 2.

Now we're going to draw out and define the shape of his head. He has spines coming out the back of his head. Instead of a normal jaw, he has a split, his jaw working in three parts instead of one.

Step 3.

Now we'll draw out the features of his face. We'll define the spines that come back from his forehead, and the plates above his brows. His nose is rectangular and his eye sockets are deep and dark. There is also a split going up his upper lip all the   

Step 4.

Nest we'll draw his visor as it comes down over one eye at an angle, wrapping back around the back of his head.

Step 5.

Then we'll draw the patter of his face paint, drawing it on lightly so it doesn't stand out too much for when you go to color.

Step 6.

From there we'll start drawing his armor, drawing out the shape of the opening where his head comes out first and some of the pieces inside like the plate in front of his collar and some of the details to show the shape of the inside.

Step 7.

Next we'll start defining the shape of his armor, drawing the outline for the front and starting the outline for the piece that goes along the back.

Step 8.

His armor is made of many different conjoining pieces, players of plates and metals that make up his defenses. We'll start with the pieces around the opening in the top of his armor, wrapping them around the sides and around the front and back.

Step 9.

Now we'll draw his arm, starting with the pauldron (the part that covers the shoulder) and working our way down, drawing on the different parts of his arm armor.

Step 10.

Now, working from the back, we'll start defining the rest of the armor, drawing that bands and straps that connect the front to the back.

Step 11.

We'll draw in the shapes of the rest of the plates on the front of his armor, along with the buckles for the straps.

Step 12.

Then we'll add the last few details to the armor...

Step 13.

And there you have it, Garrus Vakarian.

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Description: I've got another tutorial for you all today. I have one on how to draw one of my favorite characters from the Mass Effect series. Garrus is a great sniper and great at calibrations and I'm going to show you how to draw him. If you haven't played this awesome game series yet, you should, because it's great and a lot of fun. Now get everything that you prefer to draw with ready and we'll get started on this new tutorial.