How to Draw a Commander Shepard, Female Shepard from Mass Effect

Artist: PuzzlePieces / December 29, 2012

Step 1.

Start with a base. Like all chibies, she's got a big head that is almost the same size of her body. The body should be short and so should the limbs.

Step 2.

This time around I'm going to start with the hair instead of the shape of the face and you'll see why in a few steps. Her hair is kinds messy and on the short side.

Step 3.

And it comes down around from behind her ears. We'll draw those in too.

Step 4.

Then her serious eyes and expression, her mouth looking like an upside down check mark. Don't forget to give her freckles.

Step 5.

Now for the shape of the face. As you can see, there really isn't all that much to draw since her hair covers a lot and then the collar of her armor covers even more, leaving just chin and the bottom of the cheeks.

Step 6.

Now we'll start on the breast plate and the mid parts of her armor, starting with just the general shapes of where the actual armor bits are.

Step 7.

Then comes her belt. She's gotta keep her ammo somewhere. The belt connects to hip armor that makes it so she can still move around even in all that metal.

Step 8.

The thigh parts of the armor wrap around the legs and come in two sections and stop under neath the little knee pads.

Step 9.

Then for her shin plates and her boots.

Step 10.

Working our way back up the body, we're going to draw her pauldrons (shoulder armor) and her bracers (forearm armor).

Step 11.

Now for hands. She's got two of them (d'uh) and we're going to give her a nifty little sci fi pistol, all clean curves.

Step 12.

Detail time. Now we're going to go in and draw in all the little details that make her armor cool and unique. Drawing all the carved bits and all the ridges of the armor.

Step 13.

Then we'll N7 it up and give her her sporty red stripe down her arm.

Step 14.

There you have it, how to draw a chidi female Shepard from Mass Effect.

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Artist: PuzzlePieces
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Description: Now for something more fun. I have a chibi tutorial here for one of my favorite protagonists from one of my favorite video game series. Shepard from Mass Effect, the female version of course. This is a great game and I don't care what anyone says about the last game, it was great and I enjoyed the ending.