How to Draw Pyramid Head, Pyramid Head From Silent Hill

Artist: Mappy / January 6, 2013

Step 1.

First we are going to draw The head. His Head or Mask is Pyramid Shape. First Draw three points as shown.

Step 2.

Connect All points so that it forms a shape as shown in the picture.

Step 3.

We are then going to Draw a Line. This Line is going to make the shape drawn into a Pyramid. Then Start drawing lines for the Base of The pyramid as shown in red.

Step 4.

Once the base is drawn you will need to draw diagonal lines to make the base pop out and make it look 3D. This is an important detail without it , the base will look flat.

Step 5.

We are then going to add the details. On both sides we are going to draw two Triangles. On the end of the triangles add the details. Pyramid head has Two screws on the side.

Step 6.

We are now going to draw his body. Start with the base. Draw the Rib cage followed by the shoulders on each side. Drawing the pelvis is optional.

Step 7.

Draw The body. Remember to add muscles. Pyramid Guy needs to be frightening. A skinny guy probably wouldn't be so frightening. Add definition on the bicep and torso.

Step 8.

We are now going to draw his lower body clothing. Don't just draw lines down. Include folds to make it interesting.

Step 9.

You are now done with Pyramid head !

Step 10.

Here's different angle of Pyramid Head's mask. It's simple to draw. Just think of a pyramid !

Step 11.

First start with the base. Simple. Draw a rectangle. Then on one side curve the end.

Step 12.

Now we have to draw the detail of the handle. Start by drawing the base of the handle.

Step 13.

Next we're going to draw the handle. Pretty easy because it's just a rectangle.

Step 14.

The final detail of the sword is this curve. It is an important detail to make the sword pop out.

Step 15.

You're done ! Congrats If you were able to draw all the steps !

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Artist: Mappy
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Description: How to draw Pyramid Head from the famous Horror Video Game Silent Hill.