How to Draw Easy Girls

Artist: hana123123123 / December 29, 2012

Step 1.

Start out with the head shape.

Step 2.

Start drawing the body.

Step 3.

Erase the guid lines and and more detail.

Step 4.

Start with two lines going accross the face (shown in red). Next draw the eyes! Be sure that the top of the eyes are curved!

Step 5.

Finish the face an draw the hair. If you wat more detal on the hair, face, colring, or clothing tell me and I will try to make a tutorial for it.

Step 6.

Draw the clothing. Make sure to add folds!

Step 7.


Step 8.

I used my new COPIC Markers for the coloring! The backround is from PHOTOSHOP.

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Artist: hana123123123
Date Added: December 29, 2012
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Tags: draw girls, how to draw easy
Description: It's really been a long time since a put a tut on this site! I wanted to draw something so I could use my new markers I got for Christmes! I hope you like it!