How to Draw Simple Scary Monsters

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Just made some guide shapes for the top parts of their bodies and then draw in the facial guidelines.


Now you will use the guides to draw out the shapes of their heads and then for the rounder monster draw some horns and wings. The slender monster gets some frill on the top of the head and a long skinny neck.


You will work on the monster to the right. Draw the circle eyes and then draw the floral mouth.


All you will do here is draw the large shaped eyes for the rounder monster.


Up next, draw the splits in the eyes and then the scary screaming mouth. Add some definition under the eyes and then some suction cups on the wings. When that is done draw the tentacles for the skinnier monster.


This is your last drawing step. All you will need to do is draw the tentacles for both simple monsters. When that is done just erase the mistakes and the guides.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can have fun coloring in your simple scary monsters.

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June 3, 2021

Description: Yup, another tutorial request fulfillment on the way. Here is an easy lesson on how to draw simple scary monsters, step by step. I had a blast with recreating some monsters from imagination and hopefully these will do for all who have been waiting for such a drawing lesson on drawing monsters easily. The purple monster is like an octopus/bat and the other is like a squid type of monster. Anyways, go ahead and have fun drawing simple scary monsters. This may even be a good lesson to use for Halloween if you are looking to draw scary Halloween monsters when the time comes. I will be back with other tuts so stay tuned in.

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