How to Draw Dratini and Dragonair, Pokemon


Okay, two steps with guidelines, purely because they're a bunch of squiggles so they get easily confused. So this guideline is for Dragonair, and it's basically only here to get the size of the head right and the basic idea of where the body is going   


And this is the second guideline, for dratini. Note how much smaller he/she is.


We're going to draw Dratini first, so that if you only want to draw him/her, you don't have to got through the entire tut to do it. Mark out the snake-like body of Dratini by following the guideline.


Next, using the circle as a basis, draw the head, nose and one of the wing-like thingies on Dratini.


Finish off Dratini with the other wing thingy, the eyes and the circle on it's forehead. One of the eyes is mostly obscured due to the angle.


Now to draw Dragonair. You might find it easier if you draw the circle on it's neck before drawing the body.


Draw the rest of Dragonair's body, leaving a gap at the end of the tail.


Draw the circles at the end of Dragonair's tail, and the very tip peeking out the other side. Next, draw the horn at about 10 o'clock on the circle, then draw the wing thingies on Dragonair's head, making sure you draw the top of the head in between.


Lastly (it's not often I draw heads last) draw the head and eye of Dragonair. I've made the eye deliberately bigger than the reference I was using, so if you feel that you'd prefer to draw the eye smaller, then go ahead.


And that's all it takes! Thanks to Mangopie for the request, and I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Sorry again for my poor line-work, I hope to find my pen soon so that I don't have to use my mouse any more >.< Stormy :)

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February 5, 2013

Description: Okay, I know the request was just for Dratini, but let's face it, Dragonair is awesome, and there aren't many good pictures out there of them together. Also, I have to apologise for the delay and quality of my work, I have managed to misplace my tablet pen so this is done with a mouse >.<

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