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how to draw Happiny

Artist: yallcor / March 12, 2013
how to draw Happiny

Step 1.

make the starting outline,we don't have to be exact just now. I used a a 2B pencil for this.

Step 2.

this part is where you add all the "limbs" to your drawings. try to be as exact as possible.

Step 3.

now this step is where we add all the details, define your lines and again stay as exact as possible!

Step 4.

now in this step we erase are guide lines and add our shadows ( this makes it more "realistic").

Step 5.

in this step we "shade our colors", now if you prefer you do not have to shade the colors and actually color it, but add the rest of the details.NOTE: be sure you define your shadows so that you don't lose it while coloring.

Step 6.

in this step we finish our shading or if you colored it we finish coloring , define her eyes as well as all your lines. and bravo you have just draw a masterpiece :).

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Artist: yallcor
Date Added: March 12, 2013
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Tags: how to draw pokemon
Description: hey everyone im a little new at this so im hoping you like this drew this for one of my friends from dragoart Lugiapaint22, enjoy!