How to Draw Buneary and Lopunny, Pokemon


Right then, to start, we're only going to focus on Buneary, so draw the circular guidelines as shown. I will zoom in after this step, but I wanted to keep this as the full page so you can see how much room Buneary will take up.


Okay, now lets draw Buneary's features and head. Note how there are gaps where the right hand guideline crosses the head, and also towards the bottom where the arm will be. If you have trouble locating where to leave the gaps, draw the whole circle a   


Next, let's draw in those adorable bunny ears :3 the left one is sticking straight up, and the right one is coming towards the viewer, so it is extremely foreshortened to a squashed oval shape.


To finish off Buneary, draw the poofy cloud shaped body and stubby hands and feet. Note how the left foot is almost directly along the vertical centre line.


Okay, that's Buneary out of the way, so if thats all you;re here for congrats, and I hope your drawing went well! If you're staying for Lopunny too, great, better get these guidelines down. Look carefully at size and placement in relation to Buneary,   


Okay, lets mark in the shape of Lopunny's head and fur above the eyes. Note now human-like the shape of the head is, and how narrow the neck is.


Next, we're going to draw the features and upper arm of the Lopunny. The eye is along the centre line and the shoulders are very narrow, about the same width as the head.You can also draw the little tuft of hair at the top of the head.


Now, draw in the majority of the ears, making an 'M' shape, what if wider at the bottom than at the top.


This step is to draw in the leg in the foreground, which may look a bit tricky at first, but if you break it down into the top part and the boot-looking bit, it seems a lot easier.


Now draw the background leg and hand. Again, break it down into more manageable sections to make it easier for yourself.


Lastly, draw in the poofy ends of the Lopunny's ears.


Okay, all done, hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and I hope to do another really soon! Stormy :3

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March 19, 2013

Description: Hey people, sorry about the wait, I've been super busy, but here it is! How to draw Buneary and Lopunny as requested. I've set this one up so that if you only want to draw buneary, you can :) Obviously these Pokemon are based on rabbits, and you'll see lots of rabbity elements to both.

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