How to Draw Lapras, Pokemon


Okay, first things first, let's get in some guidelines. These two ovals are going to become the base of the body and head of the Lapras.


Right then, lets mark in the front of the head and the horn. Note how the jaw ends touching the horizontal line, and how the tip of the nose touches the body guideline.


Next, draw in the rest of the head and jaw.


In this step we're going to draw the neck and front two flippers of the Lapras. Note how the flipper in the foreground is located ing the centre of the body oval.


Across the horizontal centre of the body oval, draw a wavy line that will be the squarish shape of the shell, plus the blunt spikey things coming out of the shell.


Okay, this one is just adding a few details to the stuff we've done so far. Draw in the facial features, noting the eye is in the centre of the circle. You can also draw the curve of the top of the shell and the bevelled edge around the bottom.


The final step it to draw the back leg and tail of the Lapras. Note how the back flipper both starts and finishes touching the body guideline.


And that is all my wonderful people! I hope you've enjoyed learning how to draw Lapras, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. I'm hoping to do a tut on how to draw Bunary and Lopany together next! Stormy :3

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February 27, 2013

Description: Okay, to my wonderful friend DkCool, one Lapras for you ^-^ I hope you all enjoy this tutorial on the super-cute water pokemon Lapras :3

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