How to Draw Milotic, Milotic From Pokemon


First off, lets draw an 's' shape, it doesn't have to look like mine, just make it whatever shape you want to draw your Milotic in. If you find it hard to draw an 's' in which the top is bigger than the bottom, just flip your page upside-down once yo   


okay, so let's start by drawing Milotic's head. In this example, I've have drawn it so that the eye is placed over the tip on the guideline. Also note how the foreground tendril thingy (I never know what to call those things) curves just slightly mor   


Seriously, what am I supposed to call this thing? Well whatever it is, see how it curves around the top line of the eye, and follows the curve of the guideline.


Okay, next we're going to draw Milotic's body. Just follow the 's' shaped guideline, making the body subtly thinner the closer to the tip of the tail it gets.


Next, draw the other sticking-out-of-the-head-thing.


The tail consists of four thin leaf-like shapes in a fanning arrangement, with four smaller leaf shapes inside them. Tip; if you can't get the fanning right, try drawing an equilateral triangle first and go from there.


lastly, draw in the detail on Milotic's body and tail. The pattern kind of looks like elongated hexagonal scales.


And that's all it takes, that wasn't too hard, was it? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and I'd love to hear your thoughts or suggestions on the head thingies in the comments section.

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February 21, 2013

Description: Okay, so I'm just gradually working through my requests and this one may be one of my personal favourites, how to draw Milotic. Milotic is number 350 in the gen five pokedex, and is a water pokemon.

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