How to Draw Keldeo, Keldeo, Pokemon X and Y


Start with the shape for the head, then draw in the neck, and body shapes. Add the facial guideline, then move to step two.


Draw the snout for Keldeo's face like so, then draw in the low brow line which is attached to his snout.


Here you will have to begin sketching out the large puffy style of Keldeo's mane. The bushy brows also have to be drawn in as well as the sharp pointed horn.


Draw in the one eye, then add the nostrils.


Draw the rest of Keldeo's head shape, then draw the neck and feathery collar. Draw the front leg and squared hoof, then proceed to step six.


You will now draw the back, and butt end of Keldeo's body as well as the stomach and back thigh and leg.


In this step you will draw the other two legs, then make the hoof lines on each leg.


For the last step all you have to do is draw out the big bushy tail, then start erasing the mistakes.


Here is your drawing of Keldeo. Color in this colorful Pokemon species before showing off what you did.

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February 19, 2013

Description: Here is one more lesson that I will be uploading for today or at least for a little while. Here is a new Pokemon species that will be in X & Y. Here is "how to draw Keldeo", step by step. My little sister insists that she already watched an episode that had Keldeo in it. After doing some research she turned out to be right. Keldeo is what you call a water/fighting type Pokemon. They are a genderless species that has a low catch rate. This colt or horse looking species has a yellowish tan colored coat. The feathery mane is orange, and the tail is a light blue color. There are also dark blue colored large brows above each eye. Drawing Keldeo is going to be pretty simple to recreate because it will be like drawing a pony. I hope you have fun with this lesson folks, I'll be back soon.

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