How to Draw Gliscor, Pokemon


First off, lets put down some guidelines just to get the basic shape right. Note how the shape looks a bit like a capital 'J' in which the height is the same length as the crossing part.


Next, lets draw in the shape of the head and ears. The length of the ears is the same as the diameter of the circle.


The next step is to draw in the facial features, note how the eyebrows run into the ears, and how the eyes are halfway down the head.


After that, we're going to draw in the plate around the neck, with two spikes coming out of it.


The next stage is to draw the arms and claws. the claws have a vaguely tear-drop shape.


Draw in the details on the arms, the body and the legs.


Penultimately, draw in the tail, which is a series of 5 circles, the last of which has two spikes at the end.


Lastly, draw in the wings and the two lines on the shoulder plate.


And that's all! One Gliscor for you to draw! I hope you found this tutorial helpful, and please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Stormy :3

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February 16, 2013

Description: I've found my tablet pen \o/ which means I'm back to doing tutorials :D I'm going to work through my requests, and this one is from Quawesome, how to draw Gliscor :D

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