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how to draw different Easter egg designs

Artist: Racoon_with_a_pencile / July 18, 2016
how to draw different Easter egg designs

Step 1.

first of coarse you must draw the egg, which is a pretty basic shape.

Step 2.

draw three more lines one vertical and two horizontal.

Step 3.

next draw some zig-zags in between the 2 horizontal lines

Step 4.

next draw thin triangles coming from the edge of the egg pointing inward.

Step 5.

next draw four horizontal lines in the next section of the egg.

Step 6.

next draw vertical lines over them

Step 7.

in the next section draw circles variating in size.

Step 8.

then you can draw little designs inside them like smaller circles or crosses ect.

Step 9.

because i used ms paint for this tutorial unlike usual. I used the spray paint tool to add different sized ellipse shape in the last section of the egg.

Step 10.


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Artist: Racoon_with_a_pencile
Date Added: July 18, 2016
Steps: 10
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Description: Hello everyone,i just wanted to make this as sort of a guideline for the different patterns you could use for Easter eggs.