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How to Draw Cougars, Mountain Lion

Artist: makangeni / February 11, 2013
How to Draw Cougars, Mountain Lion

Step 1.

If you want to know how to draw a cougar cub, follow this and the following steps. First of all let's say something about the structure of this cub. Puma cubs are similiar to domestic cats, but they are more sturdy and they have a bigger head. Cou   

Step 2.

Draw the outline of the head. Ears are quite big, round and a bit elongated.

Step 3.

Now draw the big eyes, the muzzle and long fur into the ears. Also finish the outline of the head.

Step 4.

Draw the short, thick forelegs and the big, round forepaws (five toes). Do not forget to draw the fissures from which the claws come out.

Step 5.

Draw the rest of the body, the folded hind legs and the tail.

Step 6.

Add the last details and you cougar cub is finished! If you want to color your drawing remember that puma cubs have spots, they lose them as they grow up.

Step 7.

Now let's draw an adult walking cougar. Compared to the cub we have just drawn, the adult have a quite small head and a long and slender body. The tail is very long and the paws are big.

Step 8.

Draw the outline of the head, the ears (round and elongated) and the strong neck.

Step 9.

Add eyes, nose (draw also the nostrils), mouth and detail into the ears.

Step 10.

Draw shoulders, thick forelegs and the large forepaws (five toes). Do not forget to draw the fissures from which the claws come out. Notice the pronunced hump on the shoulders.

Step 11.

Draw the rest of the body, the hind legs and the long and thick tail. The hind paws have four toes. Cougars have proportionally the largest hind legs in the cat family, this allows them to be great leapers and powerful short-sprinters.

Step 12.

Add fur, muscles, whiskers and you're done.

Step 13.

Here four extra sketches: two of the cougar in movement (1st and 4th) and two static poses (2nd and 3rd). When you draw a cougar (and other similiar animals) is useful to keep as reference two masses: the one of the shoulders (forelegs) and the one    

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Sanswowie · 3 years ago
Sanswowie · 3 years ago
Cool dude
Artist: makangeni
Date Added: February 11, 2013
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Description: The cougar, also known as puma or mountain lion, is a large cat native to the Americas. Despite its size, it is not typically classified among the "big cats", as it cannot roar. I hope you'll find this tutorial useful!