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How to Draw Coyotes, Prairie Wolf

Artist: makangeni / February 1, 2013
How to Draw Coyotes, Prairie Wolf

Step 1.

This tutorial starts with a coyote head step by step. Start drawing the guide lines. Draw a circle and the lines into it that will help us putting in the right places eyes and other parts of the coyote's face. Draw also big triangular ears and the   

Step 2.

Draw the quite big eyes and the thin muzzle. These two, togheter with the big ears, are the main characteristcs that makes a coyote different from a wolf. Wolves are also bigger and bulkier than coyotes. Then, draw details into ears (long fur) and    

Step 3.

Draw fur details and whiskers and the coyote head is finished!

Step 4.

Now, let's draw a full body. Draw the guide lines. The head is done like the one we've just drawn, the body is shaped like an oval and the legs are simple lines with small circles for the paws. Draw also a line for the tail.

Step 5.

Let's work like before (step 1). Draw the furry outline of the head, the basic form of the muzzle and the neck.

Step 6.

Add eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 7.

Add details into ears (long fur) and detail into nose (nostrils).

Step 8.

Now, draw the quite thin forelegs and the clawed paws. Coyotes have five-toed forepaws and each toe has a nonretractile claw.

Step 9.

Draw body, hind legs, hind paws (four toes) and fluffy tail.

Step 10.

Add the last details like whiskers and fur and you're done!

Step 11.

Now some notes about the coyote's pelt, in case you want to color your drawing. Although coyote's fur color varies depending on the habitat and on the individual, we can assume the standard color to be like in the image. The color varies from grayi   

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Sanswowie · 3 years ago
i think this is sooo cute!!! also, OH MY GOSH ITS SOO PRETTY!! I LOV COYOTES AND WOLVES
Artist: makangeni
Date Added: February 1, 2013
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Tags: how to draw canines, how to draw coyotes
Description: Tutorial about the coyote, also known as the American jackal, brush wolf, or the prairie wolf. Enjoy!