Drawing Prince Step by Step

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Begin with a head guide like so then sketch in the facial guidelines along with the neck guideline.


Up next, begin drawing the actual structure of Prince's face shape like so.


Cap off the top by drawing in his hairstyle. Prince has pretty much manages to maintain the same hairstyle just fit for the times. So, draw in the hair and don't forget that curl in the front resting on the forehead. When that is done you can draw th   


Here you will draw in the eyebrows and then the shapes of Prince's eyes. Add some thickness at the ends of the eye shapes like you see here.


Finish the eyes and then draw the pupils. Once that is finished you can draw the nose and Prince's lips, mustache and cheek definition.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the neck shape followed by the stiff collar, shoulders and definition to the neck. Erase your mistakes and guides.


Here is what your drawing of Prince should look like when you are done. Color in Prince and then show folks who you chose to draw in celebration of their life.

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April 23, 2016

Description: As many of you must know by now, a few days ago the world lost a pop icon and trend setter and that performer/entertainer is Prince. Today I will be showing you how to draw Prince, step by step. I wanted to create an image that was both clean, simple and easy for anyone to draw. One of my favorite songs by Prince is Purple Rain. It is a song that is featured in the movie 'Purple Rain'. Other songs like Darling Nikki, Little Red Corvett, When Doves Cry, 1999, I Would Die 4 U, and a whole lot more are some of the songs that I associate Prince with and that is because those are all his songs. Anyways, I do hope you like this lesson that I made to celebrate the life of Prince Rogers Nelson. Rest in Peace, and for those of you reading this description, let's celebrate his works by listening to his music as I am right now.

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