How to Draw a White Tiger


Begin by drawing the basic shapes of a tiger. First draw a circle, and then divide the shape up with lines for help. The body of a tiger will be consist of two simple circles.


Secondly, sketch in circular ears and draw eyes on the lines. Draw a triangle for nose and begin the mouth.


Next, connect circles with lines to complete the torso. Draw front legs by adding vertical lines at the front of the body. Make a paws by drawing an ovals at the bottom of the body. Make a tail behind the body and back leg by using long, wispy lines   


Now, create a paws and claws.


Finally, add the stripes and finishing touches to its face, body and legs


This is the finished line art. Now you can choose the colors and complete the picture.

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November 13, 2013

Description: In this tutorial, I will show you an easy and fun way on 'how to draw a white Japanese tiger' surrounded by sakura trees and beautiful crystal water. I hope you guys will enjoy!

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