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How to Draw Bobcats, Bobcat

Artist: makangeni / February 16, 2013
How to Draw Bobcats, Bobcat

Step 1.

Let's start with a side head shot. First of all, draw a circle that will be the base form of the head, then draw a "box" for the muzzle, triangle for the ear, guide line for the ruff of extended hair beneath the ear and two lines for the neck. Once   

Step 2.

Finish the nose and add the quite big eye. Draw the ears and the long fur on the cheek.

Step 3.

Now add detail into the ears and the neck. Remember to draw also the tufts of hair on the tip of the ears. Then, add the last details like fur and whiskers and you're done!

Step 4.

Now, a full body bobcat. Before we start I thinks it's good to point out the main differences between bobcat and lynx. Bobcats look like big domestic cats with quite big paws, bobbed tail, long fur on the cheeks and tufts of black hair on the ears.   

Step 5.

You may find useful to add to the guide lines of the previous step four ovals: two for the shoulders and two for the thighs.

Step 6.

Now, let's work on the bobcat head. Draw ears and long fur on the cheeks.

Step 7.

Add eyes and muzzle. Start drawing the nose.

Step 8.

Finish the nose (remember the nostrils), add fur into the ears and the neck.

Step 9.

Draw the thick forelegs with the quite large paws. Do not forget to draw the fissures from which the claws come out. Bobcats have five-toed forepaws and retractible claws.

Step 10.

Finish the bobcat's body and add the hind legs that are a little longer than the forelegs. The hind paws have four toes. Then add the stubby and furry tail.

Step 11.

Add tufts of hair on the tip of the ears, fur, whitskers and other details and your bobcats is finished.

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Artist: makangeni
Date Added: February 16, 2013
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Tags: how to draw felines, how to draw wildcats, how to draw big cats
Description: Bobcats are North American felines. They are very similiar to lynx but, as you'll read in the tutorial, there are some differences. However, you can use this tutorial also if you want to draw a lynx, just change the parts indicated in the step 4. I hope you'll find this useful!