How to Draw Cheetahs, Cheetah Cat

Artist: makangeni / January 3, 2013

Step 1.

Let's start the full body drawing the guide lines. Try to draw these guides accurately, as your future advances will depend on them. These guidelines play as a role of a foundation. You don't have to draw the lines perfectly thick, just similar in si   

Step 2.

Draw the head and the neck. The fur on the neck is slightly longer. Don't forget to add the mini 'hump' which ends at the shoulder area. This is where the cheetah's protruding upper shoulder is visible.

Step 3.

Draw the shoulders and the long forelegs. The forelegs are long because cheetahs need to be fast to hunt down their quick moving prey.

Step 4.

Continue drawing the body using the guide lines. Cheetahs' body is very long and flexible. Draw the hind legs and the long tail. Notice how the hind legs are longer compared to the forelegs. This is where the cheetah's 'power' originates, the back    

Step 5.

Add nose, mouth, eyes and detail into the ears.

Step 6.

Add the last details: whiskers, fur, claws (cheetahs have no retractable claws) and some lines that suggest the muscles. The cheetah is done!

Step 7.

Cheetahs' mantle is characterised by circular spots of various size. The spots are smaller on the head and bigger on the body. There are also black markings on the face and on the ears. The tip of the tail is characterised by some black rings tha   

Step 8.

Cheetahs paws are very similar to dogs' paws, in fact they have no retractable claws like the other felines. First, start drawing the guide lines: simple lines and a circle for the wrist and one for the paw. Next, draw the leg and the paw. From the    

Step 9.

Draw the guide lines of the running cheetah.

Step 10.

Add the base form of the ears, two circles for the eyes and a triangle for the nose.

Step 11.

Now that the guidelines are done, we can start drawing the lineart of head and neck.

Step 12.

Add some details on the head: the slightly open mouth and the fur into the ears. Then, add shoulders and forelegs.

Step 13.

Continue drawing the body and add the hind legs and the tail.

Step 14.

Add some details to the whole figure.

Step 15.

Add spots and whiskers and you're done!

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Artist: makangeni
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Tags: how to draw cheetahs, how to draw felines, how to draw big cats
Description: In this tutorial I'll show you how to draw realistic cheetahs. Full body, paws, spots and a running cheetah. I hope you will enjoy this helpful lesson!