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How to Draw Scooby and Shaggy

Artist: Dawn / July 20, 2010
How to Draw Scooby and Shaggy

Step 1.

Since you are drawing two figures, this step will take double the time. Start by making two circles for their heads, and then add the facial guidelines. You will then end this step by drawing two vertical lines for their necks.

Step 2.

Now you can start sketching out the shape of Shaggy's face, which is nothing more then a long, tube like chin, and then sketch the shape of Scooby's muzzle and nose like you see here. For Shaggy, you will draw out a nose, and two eye outlines.

Step 3.

Now that some of the basics is drawn out, you will now start creating the shapes of their heads and for Shaggy, all you have to do is draw his shaggy looking hairstyle. Finish his eyes by coloring in some pupils, and then draw a hint of an ear, and h   

Step 4.

You are almost done drawing Scooby and Shaggy, and as you can see when you are done with this step, they really start looking like their goofy selves. Finish drawing Scooby's jowl or lip, and then draw out his big, prominent chin. You will also make    

Step 5.

Let's finish off this lesson shall we? All you have to do to complete this drawing on Shaggy and Scooby, is draw out Scooby's collar and tag, and then draw Shaggy's t-shirt. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 6.

Now yo have an awesome drawing of Scooby and Shaggy and it probably only took you twenty minutes or so to complete. Color them in and you are all done. Great work guys!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 20, 2010
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Description: I know that you guys didn't expect the lesson I did on Scooby, which means you probably won't be expecting this lesson that I am submitting now. To start the day, I will be teaching you "how to draw Scooby and Shaggy", step by step. I chose to do this tutorial because it was requested, and because I was watching a few episodes the other day, and the two goofballs where really hilarious. The older episodes are much more funnier then the newer ones, and I think it's because the dialog, and scene writing was much more creative and bright. Nowadays, Scooby and the gang is more hip, and have a lot more style then before, even though they all still dress the same. The characters seem much more vibrant, and colorful which is probably due to the fact that the whole series is created digitally now. Anyways, this is is going to be a groovy lesson to learn from, and maybe someday soon, I will submit another tutorial on all the characters and name it “how to draw Scooby and the gang”. Who knows, the possibilities are endless when it's time to "draw Scooby and Shaggy", or whatever other character you can think of. One thing is certain though, these two buds are definitely two of a kind, and you can expect, to expect anything from these two crazy pals. To me, Shaggy and Scooby makes watching the series worth it. I will be back real soon with more drawing fun so try and stay tuned in to see what else I have in store for you guys. Peace people.